As refining specialists, we have developed a consulting and technical assistance service for pulp refining process, including refining unit audits, pilot refiner tests and refining training.

The aim is to help papermaking customers to optimise their refining process, both in terms of energy consumption and paper characteristics.


We regularly make audits for the papermakers to optimize not only the refiner fillings design, but also the refiners driving parameters, and the refining unit configuration.


Our refining training courses are aimed for both production staff (machine operators, shaft chief, supervisors) and process or R & D people.
The objective of this training is to enable participants to understand the important refining parameters in order to acquire good habits during the driving of the refining unit.
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Over a hundred studies have been achieved for many years for both pulp and paper manufacturers, around the world.
Trials are drived in a pilot refiner disc 12 ” and are particularly valued by papermakers seeking to maximize the refining potential of their pulps blends.
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