This is both the oldest and most common version of fillings for disc refiners, with the bars obtained directly from foundry process. 

Most of the original models of the major refiner brands are available in this version (VALMET, VOITH, ANDRITZ, GL&V, BELOIT, BLACK CLAWSON, BAUER, ESCHER WYSS, SPROUT WALDRON, OVER, RECARD, etc.).

Dimensions and designs

Our range of cast segments covers all refiner sizes, from the smallest (12″) to the largest (54″).
In addition, the variety of designs of our segments enables us to meet the most diverse refining applications of paper mills.

Metal grades

We have developed metal grades that are highly resistant to abrasion, corrosion and impact, with a variety of alloys and heat treatments specially designed to meet our customers’ most demanding applications.

Compatible with all major brands